Wonderful Beach House Weddings

Beach House Weddings At Night

Beach house weddings – When planning a wedding, a large beach house can serve as accommodation for you and some of your guests as well as place for reception. If you plan an outdoor beach wedding, beach house can serve as a backup plan if time decides to ruin your outdoor plans. A beach wedding is usually very casual and could be a mini vacation for many of your guests.

One of nice idea is to invite your guests to sit on beach blankets during ceremony. They have an alternative location prepared at beach house in case of rain or storm. When planning ceremony at beach house, make sure that all guests will be able to fit in space. General rule for a beach house weddings ceremony with rows of seats is to have six to ten square feet of space per person.

If you use a large beach house that is up on stilts, plan reception in shade of house. Moreover, tables on beach or garden house beach and concrete driveway or wooden deck of house on a dance floor. Use tiki torches wrapped in silk flowers to add ambience to an outside reception. Should welcome reception inside beach house, pictures of large traditional beach house weddings and use a decoration with beach theme. Use outdoor deck or patio as a dance floor.