Wall Colors For Minimalist Beach House

Popular Minimalist Beach House

Minimalist beach house – Embrace the coastal landscape around your house at the beach by mimicking the colors, textures and decorative accents that remind you of the gentle rolling waves, golden sand and patches of cream-colored seashells be seen within a short distance from the house. Focus on presenting two or more primary colors throughout the house and select decorative beach accents that blend well with your color scheme. The end result is a peaceful beach home that highlights the joy that surrounds it.

Some bright colors can also serve as wall color choice for a minimalist beach house. Country living magazine recommends having fun with colors as bright turquoise, contrast with bold yellow accents throughout the room. You can paint a turquoise wall and then have a light yellow starfish border around the room. Or you can get really funky and turquoise paint a wall and another adjacent wall yellow and repeat this pattern throughout the room. Other bright colors such as lime green and orange, can also work in a beach home.

Color choice also depends on the decor you choose. Choose bright colors if you want a funky, colorful minimalist beach house with odd or interesting decor. Colorful cobalt blue, purple and red bottles with corks blend well with bright walls. You can fill some of these bottles with sand and place them on the shelves.