Sophisticated Beach House Decor

Colorful Sophisticated Beach House Decor

Sophisticated beach house decor – A beach house is the ideal place to enjoy the summer and free yourself from stress. For that reason your decoration should project a sense of tranquility and cleanliness. How to achieve it? Here we share some tips when decorating your beach house, from good lighting to the colors you should use. Remember that the decor should be simple and simple.

Must be cool, bright and light. Do not recharge the decor with many elements. Use light and neutral tones such as white, cream, navy blue, light blue and turquoise. The light colors should not only be present on the walls, you can also choose to use light colors in the furniture of each room. The white color is the perfect for the sophisticated beach house decor because it not only widens the spaces, but also makes them more relaxing and fresh.

Walls, it uses satin oil paint for its resistance to humidity, in white or neutral tones. If you want to enhance the space, cover the wall of the room with a decorative paper with a design that carries marine colors. Avoid sophisticated beach house decor furniture with iron applications. Uses sofas made with cement bases, complemented with natural rattan armchairs. As for the tapestry, the most suitable is the acrylic canvas, because it is waterproof and withstands the weather.