Small Beach House Plans On Pilings Design

Small Beach House Plans On Pilings Amazing

Small beach house plans on pilings – When it comes to designing a house for a beach location or difficult terrain, is the beauty in the eye of the designer. The mistake comes when a person believes that she must design a small beach house plans on pilings different from another house. Design is just one aspect of building a house – engineering is another.


Design the rooms to flow first. Cut out several large circles to represent the common areas of the home, the kitchen, living, family room or great room and guest bath. Transfer these rooms to graph paper as “flow” is set by pulling them out by hand.  Incorporate the “work triangle” in designing the kitchen dimensions. The work triangle includes refrigerator, stove or ovens and sinks.

Cut out the circles for the bedroom and bath upstairs living room. Add an extra circle for an office that can serve as a guest room. Move them around on a piece of paper until you have the feed you want. Pay attention to where you place the window in the home in order to take full advantage of the views and position the design for the land on which the home will be built. N

Double-check to make sure you have included everything, internal and external access points. Review designs and make any necessary corrections before finalizing your design. Create a landscape picture of your home based on the design created or rent a rapporteur to do it for your small beach house plans on pilings. When you have your own design, take it to an architect or draftsman to formalize plans.