Sims 3 Beach House Plans

Picture Sims 3 Beach House Plans

Sims 3 Beach House Plans – If you are thinking your Sims to live near a lake or the sea has advantages and disadvantages. Recreation and relaxation are a plus. Storms and windy days can cramp your fun. A beach house for your Sims should be designed to maximize homeowner. From exposure to water and ocean breezes and be good enough to withstand bad weather.

Building houses on stilts for Sims 3 beach house plans is a better view of the water and take advantage of the ocean breezes. The stage at the beach house will also protect the house in case of flooding from the storm. Install storm shutters on the windows. Construct a wraparound porch or deck overlooking the water. Provide shade with a retractable awning, Lanai, umbrellas or sun sails. Move air with ceiling fans.

Consider adding a bunk room if you expect guests in Sims 3 beach house plans. Build a guesthouse on the property if there is space, or create a garage apartment. Installing an outdoor shower near the house serves to clean the sand when you return from the beach. Outdoor showers can be as simple as a rain barrel with a shower attachment, or as complex as a fully armed area. Design an open floor plan that allows wind and light to penetrate all the common areas of the house. Build private decks or balconies for each bedroom. Install ceiling fans in every room to avoid using air conditioning. Decorate the Sims house with gauzy curtains and living furniture that can stand up to the inner walls of the outdoor life. Mala beach colors like light blue and green.