Famous Attraction Of Beach House At Dundarave Pier

Beach House At Dundarave Pier West Vancouver

Beach House at Dundarave Pier West Vancouver is one of the most famous attractions in this northern shore. Kitchen acclaimed West Coast wines award-winning homes. Beach house at Dundarave Pier offers a sophisticated dining room, a terrace and a hot beach living room, private terraces. Each of them is offering something unique environment for guests visiting this idyllic location.

However, the time spent in the spring and summer on the terrace waterfront with views of Burrard inlet. You can also enjoy an hour a hurricane during the autumn and winter. Get the comfort of the table on the sea shore. Beach house at Dundarave Pier is the restaurant in every season. Cypress Mountain, located on our northern slopes, also offers year round outdoor options and is located 15 minutes from West Van’s beach.

Chef Sean Blancard of beach house at Dundarave Pier only uses fresh ingredients. They also quite adept at make seasonal menu focus. They are also working with suppliers of best seafood to provide sustainable options to the table. Your experience will be link together by a focus service team after relaxation by the Director General Mike Mitchell. They are delight to welcome you to one of the most beautiful sites of Vancouver has to offer.