DIY Modern Beach House Decor

Beauty Modern Beach House Decor

Modern beach house decor – Peaceful, quiet, soothing and calm are all adjectives that come to mind when thinking of beachfront living. Catch the feeling of collecting seashells on the beach by creating a view of your home with seashells. Buy seashells from a craft store or use your own collection of shells. Place your seashells in a glass vase for a dramatic view. Attach additional shells for conventional picture frames and mirrors, using a hot glue gun.

Quiet colors in pastel green and blue and white-washed paint can improve your beach appeal. Decorate your walls with these colors or consider accessories in the same color scheme. Antique shop or discount stores the white-washed accessory that fits into a beach device. Gather some of your favorite items from the modern beach house decor. Using these features, you can easily create your own works of art. Design the layout of your shadow box. Fill the box with your items.

As a result, create your own inexpensive candle display using sand and candles. Fill a clear vase half full of sand, and place your candles. The sand is a textural element to introduce into modern beach house decor. Finally, sand can also use as filler when you create your own shadow box for wall display.