Design Of Modern Trinity Beach Pole House

Wooden Trinity Beach Pole House

Trinity beach pole house – We will analyze the design of a small beach house design. That stands out for its simple and beautiful exterior structure and bright interiors. Discover the best use of construction materials such as concrete face, wood and glass applied in modern constructions.

Simple Design Trinity Beach Pole House

Let’s see the ideal design of a modern trinity beach pole house that integrates perfectly with the environment. Both for the correct use of building materials as well as the simple lines of design that applied, we will also give a look at the design of Interiors and plans to have a clearer ideas when we want to design a house located in front of the sea.

Some walls of the facade of the house have been covered in light stone veneer in contrast to the smooth walls. Some of volumes give it a modern look of trinity beach pole house, the pool complements the design. The house excels in design and breaks with the monotony of style of the environment however it integrates very well, note the dykes of large stones that are also finally part of the landscape. We can make grooves to a concrete wall to have this texture or failing to choose pieces of cement to place horizontally to the house.