Decorate A Karikkathi Beach House

Karikkathi Beach House Backyard

Karikkathi beach house is located in a beautiful outdoor environment. However, the inside should be attractive, too, so that guests enjoy their time inside. Since outdoor fun wearing all out, rest areas must be inviting. Because of this, comfort is also imperative, and the home must be welcoming and relaxing. Make the inside of a karikkathi beach house an extension of the outdoors, calming and enchanting.


Keep open. The karikkathi beach house furnishings should include lots of light from windows. Sheer sunscreen or curtains that ties back simply let the light from the coast inside. The awnings need to allow for easy access to the window to open them and let fresh air inside.  Go with bright colors. The walls, curtains and furniture should be in bright colors. White, cream or pastel colors provide an airy feel which perfectly mirrors the beach and ocean scenery.

Bring the outdoors inside. Plants are the perfect decorating items inside the coastal home. Plants thrive indoors, especially when they spend some time on the patio too. Keep taxes. There are plenty of bargains on the beach that looks great in the home. Large pieces of driftwood make for interesting conversation pieces.

Include carpets. Sand on the floor causing a messy cleanup and boring feet on the missed spots. Avoid getting sand there in the first place by placing carpets from every door and a storage space for shoes. Stick with the basics. Wood works well in karikkathi beach house. All wood fit, from willows to oak. The natural beauty of the wood mimics the natural beauty from the outside.