Cozy And Stylish Artists Beach House Whitstable

Artists Beach House Whitstable Designs

Artists beach house whitstable – beach houses have something special, an essence to summer to eternal vacations, to paradise. And its decoration hooks us by its charm. And its delicate and fresh style. But ‘beach cottage’ decoration is not just something for summer. So you can see that we can live in a holiday environment. It’s cozy and also stylish all year. And then, today I want to give you some advice that we can put into practice in our houses.

If you fix main common element of this type of houses is structure of wood. And is that this type of artists beach house whitstable usually follow traditional construction system ‘Canadian’.  Which is left uncoated and in interior, both ceilings. And walls in White color, which brings you that fresh. And summery air that is what attracts us to those who live indoors. Or in areas where traditional construction is used.

Bottle greens, blue and white, are predominant colors in popular artists beach house whitstable. Nautical colors that evoke outdoors, sea, mountain. And that we can combine with pastel shades (pink, white, and also beige) to provide a most romantic atmosphere. In summer houses we can give free rein to our sense of taste. And we can risk with different styles. Combining pieces of antiquarians or markets. And thus create special environments thanks to details such as antique furniture, wicker lamps or chairs, ethnic print carpets.