Beautiful Small Beach Cottage House Plans

Small Beach Cottage House Plans Images Ideas

Small beach cottage house plans designed stands out for its simple and beautiful exterior structure and bright interiors; Discover the best use of construction materials such as the concrete face, wood, and glass applied in modern constructions. While the exterior structure of the house is a solid rectangular concrete frame. Large glass-cover translucent vents allow the interior to integrate with the natural landscape.

Small beach cottage house plans wall formed by wooden rods placed horizontally. There is locating the communication passage of the private area. That is an interesting solution to naturally light the bedrooms and keep privacy controlled. Apart from the concrete in the main structure, round stone have using to complement floors. There is also a wooden shutter in the passage of the area deprive of the house, details that can use in beach houses.

The dining area has virtual covering with a light polycarbonate ceiling and can separate from the room through glass. The kitchen of small beach cottage house plans has been designed in such a way that it fulfills the proper functions of food preparation as well as for bar; Integrating the terrace, living room and dining room you get a large social area special for meetings.