Beach House Dining Table Design

Beach Cottage Dining Furniture

Beach house dining table – Whether you build it yourself or order a custom piece, design your own dining table ensures you get exactly the look you want. Many factors go into the design of a dining table in the beach house. Taking the time to consider what you want and need from the furniture that you choose the best design for your room.


Analyze your use of the beach house dining table. Imagine how many people eat it regularly. Measure the dining room to see the table design fits. Take into account the chairs, leaving enough space to shoot the chairs in and out. Determine the size of the table. Also consider whether you will be adding table tops in your design to expand the table as needed.

Choose the height of the beach house dining table. Standard height is 30 inches. Taller counter-height tables are a possibility. They usually stand about 36 inches tall. Choose the style of your legs as you want on the table. Table typically has either four legs on the corners or a large pedestal in the center to support the table. Select the type of wood you want to use for the beach house dining table. Think of other wood pieces in the dining room. Select the finish for the beach house dining table.