Beach House Chandelier Style

Beach House Chandelier Design

Beach house chandelier – Whether your home is a family cottage near the sea or a ranch house in the Midwest, it can be decorated cheaply in beach cottage style. Make decorations for a beach-styled room using white, beige and soft ocean colors. Blend the natural elements found on the beach with recycled and renewed intention items from your home and thrift shop purchase.

Purchase a selection of cheap images with large wooden frames at yard sales and thrift stores. You will buy them for context, not artwork. Remove artwork and any glass; you will not use it. Grinding the front and back of each image by means of a flat white spray paint for beach house chandelier. Allow the paint to dry. If the frames have been paint with bright colors, you may need to apply more than one coat for complete coverage.

A beach house chandelier will show both your beach combing and artistic talents. But will not reflect any glare. Hunting for a long, slightly curved driftwood branch. If it has an interesting shape and bleached by salt and sun, you’ve found a keeper. Wrap strings of white holiday lights around the branch. You are aiming for a twinkly, beautiful, balanced starburst of driftwood when the light goes on.