Amazing Tiger Woods Beach House

Awesome Tiger Woods Beach House

Tiger woods beach house – Let’s see how this great space does not have any type of separation other than furniture. Unlike previous room  , it is consider  a more relax and less sophisticated space. Having wood furniture with a light design and white fabric cushions. These spaces are constantly related to outside thanks to large windows facing Great pool. Follow route and cross to left and discover more spaces.

And when you get to tiger woods beach house kitchen it is amazing how this space opens completely from one side. And another to main entrance that is behind us and towards garden and pool in background. Thanks to large floor-to-ceiling windows. With amazing lighting and where color changes to green and purple or lilac. Do you remember violet carpet? Because it is here on benches of table, mixing materials such as wood. Concrete and mosaiquillos. It is perfect space to receive friends.

Sober, elegant becoming a delimiter of spaces, to right us leave main room and left side we find living room that we will visit later, but resuming our space, we understand that we have a great Continuous space and fluid where furniture is great delimiter of spaces. In our transition space we find eating area with a tiger woods beach house furniture to be white and with a relax design, however, it is full of elegance having in its design a wood and leather finish, visually related to clock Wall and access door.